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Conference outings

On Tuesday (17pm to 19pm)

Underground visit of the Fort and a video on underground Lyon.

On Thursday afternoon 

Visit of Old Lyon through the "traboules". This Renaissance district is listed by Unesco

Think to bring comfortable walking shoes

On Friday morning :

Departure at 9 o'clock  in the morning







On the plateau towering over the Rhône and Ain rivers (Rhone and Ain regions), between Lyon and Ambérieu, clinging onto small hills, just off the main road, a massive fortress stands out against the landscape. A circle of trees, hiding the ramparts, isolate a small and calm medieval town where old stones tell a beautiful story....


Lunch and afternoon in ornithological nature reserve

 Ornithological nature reserve



"Le Parc aux Oiseaux" is an ornithological nature reserve in Villars les Dombes, between Bourg en Bresse and Lyon, out in a countryside covered with thousands of ponds providing discovery tours, children activities, and restaurants.
Nestled in the heart of les Dombes, a fascinating universe exists where nature is the queen and birds are kings. Birds from all over the world are exhibited in aviaries which have been constructed using all kinds of botanical species to imitate the birds’ original habitats. While crossing over the world to join us, you will notice our ambition not only to make your stay enjoyable and to satisfy your curiosity but to contribute to bird preservation and species conservation.





Return in Lyon at 18 o'clock

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